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The best video looper apps are video editors that let you loop any video on your smartphone. If you want to make a video look more engaging, especially if there’s a funny part. One of the cool ways to make your views catch that moment again is by looping it.


Looping is not a new thing done in videos; most times, we see looping in action when watching skits or tutorials. Also, it is a common thing being done on GIFs on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, etc.

When looping videos, you need the right app, and everything becomes easy. In this article, we’ve curated the best video looper apps for Android and iOS. These apps will cover all aspects of video editing, including different famous loop effects.


Best Video Looper Apps for Android and iOS

From the list of apps below, you’ll discover the perfect one to loop your videos temporarily or indefinitely.

1. VivaVideo



Versatility and user-friendly interface have made VivaVideo one of the best video editing apps. One of the essential features of this versatile video editor is the famous looping effect.


Maybe you’re creating a short video on TikTok or Instagram; VivaVideo will let you loop for as long as you want. Another reason you’ll like it is how easily it allows beginners and experienced users to edit videos.

Aside from accessing different looping effects, VivaVideo offers filters, transitions and color gradings. Furthermore, it ensures users can precisely select the video portion they want to loop.

Download: Android & iOS

2. YouCut


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best video manipulation tools for smartphone users. YouCut has made a name for itself thanks to a plethora of video editing effects it offers. Looping your videos won’t be an issue with YouCut.

Moreover, it also offers additional tools that’ll let you add more flares to your looped videos. Also, you can create continuous loops on multiple videos while using YouCut on your device.

In addition, the app offers completely free video editing without a watermark. You can also change the aspect ratio for your looped videos thanks to YouCut.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Funimate Video Editor & Maker

Funimate Video Editor & Maker

Next on the list is Funimate Video Editor & Maker, which brings a playful touch to video creation. Whether making a fresh video or applying corrections to one, Funimate has got you covered.

The loop feature in Funimate allows users to set precise loop points and create engaging, repetitive content effortlessly. Furthermore, you can use real-time editing functions like effects, transitions, etc.

Everything you’ll need to create an engaging video with loop effects is available on this app. Also, it allows adding music to video backgrounds, intros and outros for tutorial-based videos.

Download: Android & iOS

4. InShot


Another app on the list is InShot, a popular video editor known for its simplicity and effectiveness. You’ll love this app because it offers a lot of filters, effects and transitions.

While catering to various editing needs across all screens. InShot includes a loop feature that allows users to highlight specific video moments through seamless repetition.

In addition, the loop function in InShot allows users to loop in selected portions of videos easily. With additional features like speed control, filters, and text overlays, InShot is an app you’ll love.

Download: Android & iOS

5. CapCut


CapCut was initially developed for TikTok users to create perfect profile content. So far, it has become a widely used video editor for looping videos.

Aside from accessing all the basic video editing features, CapCut is perfect for adding a repetitive flair to your videos. With a friendly interface, it offers one of the smooth experiences for creating video loops.

Furthermore, you can use advanced tools like multi-layer editing, transitions, and a vast music library. When looking for one of the best video looper apps for your smartphone, you should try CapCut.

Download: Android & iOS

6. Loopideo


You’re looking at a popular video looping app on the Apple Store. Unfortunately, this app is limited to Android users; it works mainly on iPhones. Loopideo will let you loop videos with just a single tap.

With a seamless loop creation process, it has become a top choice for users who want a quick way to apply loop effects. Moreover, it is unlike other apps that offer more than loop features.

Looping videos with Loopideo is very straightforward; you must upload your videos and tap on Loop. Being able to create loops without the need for a long process is one reason you’ll like Loopideo.

Download for iOS

7. Videoleap


Videoleap is a video editor with AI editing capabilities, simplifying looping videos if you want to enhance video quality by adding a touch of transition, effects, or background music.

One of the top-rated apps you can use is Videoleap; the loop effect is one of a kind. Unlike other apps limited to basic loop features, Videoleap allows you to go extreme.

Furthermore, the AI editing feature adds more flavor to creating videos with the perfect loop effect. You can set precise loop points for your videos, ensuring a flawless repetition of selected areas.

Download: Android & iOS

8. KineMaster


One of the known video editing apps that also makes sense for looping videos is KineMatster. It is a widely-used video editor that offers a dedicated loop feature alongside other tools.

KineMaster is a user-friendly looping app; both experienced and beginners can get a grip on its awesomeness. If you’re after creating loops for your videos, then you don’t need the full functionality of this app.

With features like multi-layer support, real-time preview, transactions and different loop effects. KineMaster has made itself an excellent choice for getting the perfect repetitive moments for your videos.

Download: Android & iOS


There you go, you’ve read about the best apps for looping videos on Android and iPhone. Which one works best among them? It depends on your preference and the projects you’re embarking on. For just looping videos, any of the apps mentioned above works perfectly.

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