What are files? Can you delete them?



Understanding Android’s file system is complex. When browsing the Android file system, you may come across files you might have never seen and don’t know their use. One such file you may have encountered is


Anyone seeing this file may wonder what it is and why it takes up space on their Android phone. It’s no wonder that you are thinking of the same. You need not worry about anything; we are here to guide you on what is file and every query related to it.

What is Files?

As the name suggests file is the file created by Google Chrome. But what exactly is this file and what is the purpose of it? file is the cache file of Google Chrome.


There can be a single or multiple with a different variable attached to the end of each file. This file contains junk data from Google Chrome, including cache and download history. 

Is files a Virus?

No, this file is not a virus but the residual file left by Google Chrome. As we already discussed, this file contains junk from the Chrome browser and not something harmful. 


You need not worry about storing this file on your phone as it is not malware or a virus. However, if you do not have Google Chrome on your phone, but you still see this file, then it is something to be worried about. If this file is not created by Google Chrome, then it is probably a virus and to be safe, you can delete it. 


Generally, Android phones have built-in antivirus software that keeps scanning for harmful viruses in the files. You can use this antivirus or install a third-party antivirus to scan your device for viruses if it shows files as the virus, you must delete it immediately. 

Is it Safe to Delete File?

Yes, you can safely delete file. There is nothing to be worried about whether you use Chrome or not, as this file is not essential. Deleting this file won’t impact the performance of the Google Chrome or your device. 

However, once you use Google Chrome again, this file will be created on your phone. We suggest you not delete this file frequently until and unless this file is taking up a lot of your storage on your phone. 

Why is Files Taking so Much Storage? file is generally less in size (it is generally of a few KBs). The size of the file depends on your browser usage. If you use Google Chrome a lot, keep downloading files, and haven’t cleared up cookies and history, then the size of the file will be a lot more than a few KBs. 

If you haven’t cleared up the cache of Chrome even once or cleared the data, then the file may take up a sufficient amount of storage. In case, the file is hogging too much of your storage, then it is best to delete this file. 

Bottom Line

So that’s all you need to know about the file. We hope this article cleared all of your doubts about this file, whether it is safe or not, and whether you should delete it. 

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