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Applying for a job in the professional world today involves many formalities in the name of tone, style, and structure. You need to have a CV that stands out amongst all the applicants and get an interview with the company you are applying for. With Resume Maker apps, you can easily create a resume highlighting the industry’s requirements. 


Resume maker apps make it easier to create a resume and increase the chances of selection. The top resume maker apps are created from an employer’s point of view to set apart the user from other potential employees in their specific niche. 

But the question remains: which is the best resume maker app? We know there are many options for Resume Maker, and it can be confusing which one to go for. Worry no more; we have listed some of the best resume maker apps for Android and iOS that you can go for. 


Best Resume Maker Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Building a great resume is no more a hassle if you have a good resume maker. Below is the list of best resume-maker apps for Android and iOS that many professionals use. 

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Exits China


LinkedIn is a social media platform dedicated especially to the community of professionals engaged in different fields and industries. The LinkedIn resume maker is a two-in-one where not only can you create amazing resumes based on well-researched layouts, but you can also share them and receive feedback and sometimes job offers as well.


LinkedIn layouts are almost always updated to maintain a fresh collection that meets market requirements. It highlights your profile like no other and helps you give the impression of a professional in your field.

Download for Android and iOS

2. CV Engineer

Resume Builder - CV EngineerThis is one of the most underrated applications out there. It works seamlessly on Android and iOS without extensive data consumption and still provides the best templates, tips, and guidelines for creating a good resume. 

While using this app, you can even take direct inspiration from resume samples and edit them to create your own. It also comes with some of the most common interview questions with instant answers in the form of flashcards so that you can prepare better for the interview.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Canva


If you want to be creative and extra, Canva is your go-to app. Canva not only lets you create a resume, but you can also work on graphics with this app. You will find multiple templates for everything you want to create on Canva. 

You can choose the template you want to work on and then edit it. Once you have created your resume, you can download it in various formats. The data is also synced across devices so you can work on one device and continue from the other. 

Download for Android and iOS

4. Google Docs

Google Docs

This is another application where users can do everything from creating amazing documents to resumes and invoices. There are a few resume templates present on Google Docs that you can use to create resumes. 

Moreover, you can also find the templates for resumes for Google Docs online, which you can import into Google Docs and work on them. It also allows you to work across devices, and you can share your resume with others and ask them to collaborate. 

Download for Android and iOS

5. Resume Star

Resume Star - PDF Resume BuildThis is another great application for creating a resume. This application saves much time by making the process as simple as possible. The high-quality templates available on this platform are curated based on the secrets of successfully performing experts with unique insights.

Resume Star ensures your CV looks professional by taking care of the fonts and style of the content. You can save the resume you created with this application in the form of a PDF and email it to anyone or directly print it from the app. 

Download for Android and iOS

6. Resume Builder by Nobody

Resume Builder by NobodyIf you want to try something apart from the standard templates and want to try something creative, then you can try Resume Builder by Nobody. There are more than 20 templates for creating a professional-looking resume. 

This is a perfect tool to create a professional resume to let your CV stand out amongst all the applicants. However, this resume maker app is paid, but there’s a free version of it as well. The free version of the application only comes with one template, and to access all the templates, you will have to buy the paid version. 

Download for iOS

7. Quick Resume Pro

Quick Resume Pro

This application comes with category presets where you can enter your information, and the app will process a readymade resume for you. You can easily rearrange the sections on your resume and add new elements. 

You can create and save unlimited resumes with this app. Not only this, but Quick Resume supports 7 PDF resume styles. You can send resumes directly from the app, print them, or export them to Dropbox. 

Download for Android and iOS

8. Microsoft Word

Microsoft WordIf you want to play it safe, go for Microsoft Word without thinking twice. The layouts offered by Microsoft Word are more versatile but quite similar to Google Docs. The flexible formatting will let you create a professional resume. 

Everything on this software is free, and you can experiment with different resume designs. Like Google Docs, Microsoft Word allows you to collaborate so that you can share your resume with others, and they can make the edits with you together. 

Download for Android and iOS

9. JobSeeker Resume Builder

JobseekerIt is another app with an easy-to-use interface for creating resumes. The free templates on this application far surpass what you will find anywhere else on the internet, and they are regularly updated to keep up with the requirements of the virtual world.

JobSeeker resumes are predominantly created by applicants wishing to apply to top-of-the-class jobs in their preferred industry. Not only can you create resumes but also cover letters. This app also lets you manage your job applications and provides relevant jobs per your niche and skillset.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Perfect Resume

Perfect ResumeThis app is specially curated for beginners who want to create a resume to apply for a job for the first time. It creates a resume focusing on the applicant’s skills and achievements. Not just your skills, but this resume maker app will create a resume with all your details, contact information, previous experience, your education. 

You can choose from different color schemes. Moreover, the resume you create can be exported as a PDF file. Perfect Resume is the perfect application for those who believe in saving time and effort as much as possible. 

Download for iOS


Reumse makers ensure that the applicant is not neglecting the structure and style of a resume. With resume maker apps, you can be assured that you will have a great resume highlighting your skills, experience, and everything great about you. We have listed some of the best free resume-maker apps for Android and iOS that you can go for. 

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