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5 Ways to Clear Your Instagram Search History



Are you tired of having a cluttered search history on your Instagram? Do you want to hide or clear your Instagram searches because you don’t want kids or your partner to see them? If so, there are several ways to easily clear and declutter your search history on Instagram. No more embarrassing or unwanted search suggestions popping up, especially when someone is watching over your shoulder.


1. Remove Specific Searches

We all have some embarrassing searches on Instagram and might want to clear the username coming up in the search history. You can easily clear that specific search. Here’s how.

1. Tap on the magnifying icon and then tap on search bar at the top.


Home and search feed on Instagram

2. Tap on the cross icon next to the specific search query that you want to remove.

search history on Instagram

2. Clear Complete Search History

Deleting individual search queries on Instagram is inconvenient when there are many search queries to remove. Here is an easy and quick way to delete all search history in one go.


1. Go to Search tab (magnifying glass icon) and tap on the search bar as mentioned in the previous method. Then, tap on See All.


See all search history on Instagram

2. Here, a list will appear of your recent searches. Tap on the Clear All option available on the top right.

Search history on Instagram

3. Now Instagram will ask for a confirmation to clear all the search history. Tap on Clear All.

clear search history on Instagram

3. Remove Search History From a Time Frame

Instagram provides the option to clear your search history within a period. This can be helpful when only partial history needs to be deleted. 

1. Go to your profile and tap on the hamburger button(Three horizontal lines).

Instagram home and profile section

2. Now, tap on Settings and Privacy and select Accounts Center.

Settings and PRIVACY on Instagram

3. Meta Accounts Centre will appear. Here, in the Account settings section, jump to Your information and permissions.

Accounts centre on Instagram

4. Now, tap on Search history. 

Search history on Instagram

5. After this, tap the Clear all searches button at the bottom and select the timeframe from which the history needs to be cleared. After selecting the timeframe, tap on Clear all searches.

clear all searches on Instagram

Pro Tip: Knowing how to sign out of Instagram on all devices is crucial to protect your privacy and we have a guide for you on how to accomplish that.

4. Remove Search History Using Browser

Instagram in web browsers has become more usable than before. While working on the desktop, using Instagram on your browser is more convenient than being on the mobile side-by-side. Here is how to clear search history in the browser.

1. Open Instagram on your browser and click on Search.

Instagram on desktop

2. In the search section, click on Clear all.

clear all button for search history

3. Instagram will ask for a confirmation to clear all the search history. click on Clear All.

clear all confirmation for clear search history

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5. Enable and Setup Auto Clear Search History

Is it too much to keep clearing history now and then? Worry not for there is a setting hidden in Instagram that automatically keeps clearing your search history without manual intervention. Here is how to enable it.

1. Go to your Profile > tap on the Hamburger Menu (Three horizontal lines) > Settings and privacy > Accounts Center as mentioned in the previous method.

2. Here, tap on Your information and permissions and then on Search history.

Your information and permissions and search history

3. In the search history, tap on Keep searches for. By default, Instagram searches are saved for 30 days. Select the timeframe after which you want the history deleted automatically.

4. Now Instagram will ask for a confirmation to enable auto clearing the search history, tap on Confirm.

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Untold History

Search history records the searches and lets us dig into the past. It becomes super useful when we keep thinking about an Instagram account that we visited in the past but forgot to follow and now want to check on it. On the other side, it may also serve as evidence of all your online searches and potentially be uncovered by your annoying friend or sibling. But now you know how to manage your searches and keep them under control.

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